Vibe VPN, from Bennett Matthews, is a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

Use your VPN to secure your internet connection and to access all UK internet services when away away from home in mainland Europe, Asia and The Americas. Access content banned in some countries, such as Google and Facebook.
Outstanding performance, no waiting, connect in seconds.
Our network offers outstanding, class-leading speeds and ease of use.

Vibe VPN is by invitation only. Contact us if you’d like an account.

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What you say

“I’ve been impressed by the service”

First of all I must compliment you on the set up instructions for the VPN. I was able to complete the connection in minutes – and if I can do it anyone can !
I’ve been impressed by the service and surprisingly, or maybe not, the better connections were via the ADSL despite the poor download speed. There were some issues with the 4G router which I’ve put down to the instability of the mobile service, but nonetheless it was, in the main, successful.
As we’re in southern Portugal and will inevitably lose the free to air channels when the migration to 2E commences I am sure that the Smart Box will prove to be the answer. However, I must first of all resolve our internet connection problems. Until then I’m going to subscribe to your VPN service which will at least give me a decent back-up and give me the opportunity to become familiar with the various “catch up” services and how I can get the best out of them.

Tony, Southern Portugal, December 2013

“No problems connecting at any time”

I have compiled a few screen print comparisons of speedtests from Hong Kong and Sydney. No problems connecting at any time and fairly consistent results.
In Sum:  L2TP always a faster connection
Speeds similar or better than IBVPN connections.
I am still getting good results (excellent speeds) with the L2TP server.

Paul S, Hong Kong and Sydney, May 2013

“consistent results”

The service is now rock solid based on using iPlayer and I’ve tried it in France, Germany and now Ireland with consistent results.
Sound like you have a winner on your hands.

Paul D, France and Germany, April 2013

“I’m pleased”

Just to let you know that I tested again yesterday and all appears to be going well. It even logged in to TV Catch Up which is usually difficult as they have a way of blocking VPNs and the servers where they are based. I’m pleased about that as they should not be making decisions for individuals……

Dave, Austria, April 2013

“spreading the word”

Am already spreading the word.
I can imagine that the number of ‘takers’ will increase dramatically when (Astra )2E gets going.
VPN has been working no problem. Watch it intermittently daily for test purposes. (Will have to make sure don’t get addicted to BBC news in morning on iPad in kitchen).
Went to D-Telekom shop to inquire about my internet connection and was told the speed was down to my connection and that it will be upgraded (next week) to 6000 RAM, which although it is variable, will still be a major improvement on the present situation.
Am very much enjoying being able to access iPlayer whenever I want, and above all, what I want to watch.
One happy bunny reporting here. Since yesterday have been upgraded to 6000 RAM which is very noticeable on the iPlayer itself (2800 with iPlayer HIGNFY – HD) i.e. HD is now possible. For some reason, when I watch BBC News 24 via TV Guide listings, there are still only 796kb. Otherwise everything is working fine. From a relatively warm southern Bavaria (23°).
Von meinem iPhone gesendet.

Linda, Germany, April 2013